Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The pocket book to success!

"Passed down like good silverware, learning the right way to act in sticky situations can be a challenge. Bat Your Eyelashes. How To Be Well Mannered With Style signs you up for an etiquette overhaul to get back to basics, and to eliminate awkward, embarrassing moments in everyday situations society subjects you to."

I believe I have found the pocket book to success! When a little package arrived for me the other day I tore it open to find this great little read, "Bat your eyelashes; How to be well mannered with style". I couldn't put it down! I came across all sorts of tips for etiquette for all sorts of situations. From what not to do in a lift, to how to help out a sick friend in need. All sorts of advice on how to be elegant and make an impression in one neat little package! Even the book is elegant! With a pink ribbon book mark, neat little hard back cover and soft pages that 'float' rather than simply 'turn' and it's perfectly sized for any handbag so you can take it with you to read on the train or bus or on the plane! (And if you travel as much as I do, that's a good thing..) Not to mention it has tips for those very situations.

Girls of the 21st century seem to be so lost in the world of 'I want it nownownow' that most of them forget their manners. Think about it, when was the last time you tipped your cab driver? Hosted a party? Attended a charity event? If your answer is more along the lines of "I didn't even pay my last cab driver. Yeah, I held an awesome party, everyone was soo drunk." and "Charity-Shmarity" then maybe you need to take a look at your life, and take a look at this book.

"Beauty and Wealth can fade, but charm and great character last forever", is nothing but the truth. It's refreshing when you come across a pleasant and polite person isn't it? You'll find that more good things will happen to you, when you're polite and elegant too. The world seems to stop and look at you where ever you go, people appreciate kindness and often they reward it. Though being a good and kind person is a reward in itself, doors will open for you and the world will be your oyster.

I recommend this book to everyone who wants to add a dab of class to their life and make it sparkle. Click here to buy a copy today! It'll be the best $34 you've spent in a while. Trust me!

Stay classy girls!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dear Lorena

"Dear Lorena, My ex girlfriend of 3 and a half years used to tell me she loved me. She even pushed me to ask her to marry her. But at the same time she cheated on me both sexually and emotionally, including incidents that I witnessed. I'm devastated and scared of other women now and its affecting me meeting someone new. How do I overcome the fear of commitment and intimacy that this has caused?"

Dear Fearful, its perfectly normal to be scared to get involved with other people after something so awful happened to you. You have every right to be scared and the only thing that can really help is time. You need to remember a few things though. First up, this is HER fault. She is an awful person and insecure about herself, cheaters often do what they do because they feel like they're not worth enough to stay with just the one person. Don't blame yourself or feel like you're any less of a person. Its nothing to do with you at all. Cheating is a form of emotional abuse and can be quite damaging to a person and you should never be afraid to speak to someone about it. Especially if you witnessed her cheating on you.

Good ways to help yourself get over something like this do NOT include becoming a shut in and not talking to women. Get out there! Go out with your friends, talk to women. You don't need to throw yourself back into a committed relationship straight away, but talking with nice women and associating with good people can renew your faith in humanity.

Get out of your head, take a break and go on a trip. It doesn't need to be anything crazy, but just having some fun out of your usual surroundings can help you get your mind off it. Take up some sort of physical activity, the serotonin will help you look on the bright side! Or if it gets too much, don't be afraid to talk to someone neutral. Your parents, other family members or counselors can help. Its not 'weak' to seek professional help and you don't need to be crazy. It just helps to get a fresh perspective on the situation and you'll feel better that you're no longer with them.

Its okay to get angry. Turn up your angry music and jump on your bed. Don't be angry at yourself. Be angry at them. Sing loudly and write angry letters to them(don't send them, just throw them out). Talk to your close friends about it. You need support and friends are great for that. Throw out all her stuff, photos of you two together, everything. Cleansing yourself of her presence will stop things reminding you of her. Even if you are over HER, the memories can remind you of what happened and make you feel crappy.

Don't be spiteful. Spreading rumors is weak and when you get found out people will favor the other person. If they're spreading rumors about you, just ignore them. People will see her for what she really is soon enough.

Above all. Remember, be strong. She's the weak one here. After all, she is the one who couldn't keep it in her pants.

There are girls out there who will see how amazing you really are and treat you the way you should be treated. You just gotta find them. Don't waste your precious time fretting. You're a great guy, and someone will see that in you and love you for it.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hot n' Cold, When does it get old?

"Cause you're hot than you're cold, you're yes than you're no, you're in then you're out, you're up then you're down! You're wrong when its right. Its black and its white. We fight we break up, we kiss, we make up. You don't really wanna stay, no! But you don't really wanna go-oh! Someone call the doctor, got a case of a love bi-polar! Stuck on a rollercoster, cant get off this riiiiideee!!!"

Katy Perry said it right. "Love bi-polar" boys and girls ARE out there. And they do change their mind like a girl changes clothes. We have all come across someone like this at one time or another. But when does the hot and cold get old? Things like this are more measured in feelings than time. If you're crying yourself to sleep everyday for a week, then I think you should get out ASAP.

There are many reasons to not wait around for someone like this. Though they do have their perks and I do bet you're telling yourself "They'll commit soon and everything will be perfect" you gotta take a page out of Greg Bernhardt book "He's just not that into you" and not waste the pretty. As much as you hope and wish and pray this person will change and fully commit to you. Chances are they won't. People tend to work on the principal of "why buy the cow when you can get the sex for free". If they really care about you. Show them that you're not gonna wait around for their sorry asses to get into gear and move on. Don't just say you have and mope at home watching the Notebook with a box full of tissues either.

Another excuse I have heard is, "If I leave him now, he might meet another girl and be totally perfect and I will have missed out!" The problem with this sorry excuse is that if he does change, it will be because he wanted to impress this new woman. You wont be able to! Men don't change if they know they can stay the same and still have what they want.. Bastards, huh?

What about the problems they claim to have being the reason they cant commit? This isn't a reason for you to wait around for them either. Problems or not, they wont change for you. Even if you manage to fix their addled heads and band-aid their wounds. Once men get into a habit of treating you an a particular way, they wont change. TRUST ME!! THEY WONT!!!

Some of this could be due to the way you act. Even though some men are bastards, some girls don't know how to attract nice guys.. I know this girl, 'Jannet' we'll call her. She dresses in skin tight silver dresses, talks loudly about her sex life and boasts about her STDs. Not very attractive to the any nice male. To a jerk who just wants to put his 'thing' in everything, shes perfect! She's the somewhere to put that 'thing' for tonight, and he wont feel bad not calling her the next day, cause "she's just some slut who loves it" (taken from an actual conversation about Jannet). Then next time I speak to Jannet, she cries to me about how the guy she slept with gave her the number for the rejection line. Respect isn't just something you give your boss and your parents. You need to respect yourself first.

If you find yourself in these situations more often than not, maybe you need to look at yourself. How you act, dress, talk, everything. Now I'm not saying change. No, but whatever you do, respect yourself. If you respect yourself, you'll find that other people do too!

Then Mister Hot n' Cold and Mister One Night Stand will disappear and Mister Calls the next day and always wants you will waltz into your life!

In short, never put up with feeling like crap. You are an amazing girl and you need to love yourself first and foremost. How will a guy ever love and respect you if you cant even do that? Tell yourself your beautiful everyday, dress respectfully and don't be scared to throw a drink in a guys face for being a pig to you. (Its really fun too)

Live to love girls! And Love to live!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear Lorena

"Dear Lorena, My boyfriend is a really great guy, he's nice, considerate and a gentleman in all the right ways, we are most definitely in love and considering life together forever, but there is someone between us that i just cant get past. His World of Warcraft character has taken over his life and is threatening to ruin our relationship, he spends all of his spare time on the game so much in fact that i feel like they are in a relationship and I'm just a good friend. I've tried everything but can't get his attention, what should i do?"

Dear 'Good Friend'.

Sounds like something I went through a while ago. Men are a strange bunch aren't they? Getting all cave-man and wanting to battle dragons and what not. But what they need to realise is that though fighting dragons and evil demons is fun, so is being with the one you love. You just need to remind him of that. Your first move should be a direct one. Sit him down and tell him exactly how you feel. Every single detail. If he gets sooky about it then put him on probation. Show him what life would be like if it was just him and the game. Who will cook him dinner? Who will cuddle him? The game sure wont! No, that would be you. And you shouldn't even have to initiate all that or be the one to cook him dinner anyway! No ma'am.

When you're living together in a relationship all things should be equal. You shouldn't have to drive to the shops alone to get things to eat while he sits there and tries to obtain the 'sword of doom' or whatever. He should be with you, helping you pick out dinner and carrying the heavy things. Start doing your own shopping, buy treats for yourself. Start to act like a single girl if you have to. Go out with friends and have girly sleepovers! (This does not mean cheat to those playing at home) Do your hair and make-up for the hell of it. Ignore him like he ignores you.

If this still doesn't work. Have "THE TALK" (dun dun dunnnn). Show him you're serious. You don't want this sort of relationship anymore. You want a boyfriend, not a adolescent son you have to take care of. Tell him to shape up, or ship off! You're better than being a maid for someone who wont cuddle you or cook you dinner.

So all in all the steps I'd follow are these, 1. Talk, 2.
How life is without you, 3. Ignore, 4. Taste of his own medicine. And if none of that works then you're probably better off finding a guy who you wont even need to get to step 1 with. That would be step 5. Tell him to move out.

I hope this helped you, they tend to get soft after step 3 so I think you'll be fine. Especially if you're right and he is a great guy.

All the best!


How to wear Red hair.

After having Red hair for quite a few years, (since the age of eleven to be exact) with only a 2 year gap of going blonde I am well versed in the way of the fiesty red head. Having red hair isn't as easy as it may seem on the box, no, it takes maintenance, effort, care and constant upkeep. Not only that you need to be aware of things that do and do NOT go with red hair. I have below a guide on how to rock the carrot top without actually being a 'carrot top'.

First of all, check the tone, does it match your skin color? Eyes? Hair style? Will you have highlights, low lights or just keep it monotone? Do you want to go copper or ruby? Do you want the look to reflect Autumn or Winter? Or Spring or Summer for that matter? Do you have freckles, and what is your natural hair color? You should speak to a hairdresser about all this stuff and find the right tone for you. Then later on when you get the hang of it you will be able to do it yourself, unless you like going to the hairdresser constantly. Then make sure you go once a month to keep it nice and crisp looking.

Red hair is the fastest hair color to fade as the red pigments are quite large, leaving them very easy to wash out. You will find that after about 3 weeks your hair will start to look dull and you'll need to color it again. You can stop it from happening so fast by using a color shampoo such as De Lorenzo NovaFusion Color Shampoo. You get it from most salons and one bottle lasts a long time. It refreshes and tones your hair color and keeps it looking nice and fresh. Though your hair dresser may suggest a different brand, this is just what I use.

Have you ever seen sexy frizzy red hair? No. Because it doesn't exist. If your hair is super curly you may want to consider a different color. Because a bad hair day with curls AND red hair can be a nightmare-hair-day. If you are intent on having red hair and want to keep your curls, why not try getting an electric perm (which looks like this)? You will need to find a good Asian hairdresser and have them do it for you. It gives you large natural looking curls that don't end up like this.

If your eye color is Green, red hair will look amazing on you. No questions asked. Same goes for Gray eyes too (which I have), also Hazel and Dark Blue. Most other eye colors (i.e, lighter blues or browns) either clash too much with the red or just fade your eyes into your hair. If your eyes happen to be blue or brown, you could consider using a little green eyeliner. NOT TOO MUCH! I cant stress this enough! I am not an advocate of color eye make-up at all. I only use it if I must and even then I use it sparingly. Go to a make-up counter at David Jones or Myer and ask the ladies there to show you how to use it. I love anything by Dior or Estée Lauder. Keep your eyes smokey with a touch of dark green and you'll really see the difference.

The hairstyle you have will also make a difference. You wouldn't have a bright red bob would you? Maybe try to go for a darker blood red for that. Red hair is very temperamental and you need to make sure its done right.

For lighter skin colors I'd definitely seek the advice of a hairdresser or stylist. I have darker skin and I can very well say I don't look good with light red hair. Mine is ruby red and looks smashing.

Go to for more tips on how to care for your hair and how to wear it well.



Things to do today: Buy Shoes, Coffee with Audrey, Save the Economy

After reading an article in Vogue ("In the Bag" by Felicity Loughrey - Jan 09) about the impact of young single woman on the economy, I had a revelation! Everything she was saying made so much sense to me and I loved it. Woman are no longer just earning as much as males their age but in some cases more. To see a woman as a leader of a company in future will no longer be a novelty and in Australia, more young woman are buying houses in their twenties than their male counterparts. It seems that with this new Independence is coming power. Power to SPEND!!! Can young single woman save the economy?

The short answer is never as short as you hope. But all the evidence suggests that they are. Walking down any trend shopping streets in major cities such as Melbourne, New York and London you will see that most shops, cafes, bars and boutiques are aimed at young women. With their 'cute' art deco designs, dimly lit store fronts with sparkly chandeliers and beautiful decorations they attract some pretty cashed up woman. Not only that, their products gently whisper 'buy me, I'd look great on you' with their luxurious fabrics and quality manufacturing and you're sold.

It's great to be able to see that woman are able to do that now without having to make a phone call and consult the 'other half'. It's also the case that most of the stores, store designs and clothing is probably owned or made by women!

Getting closer to 2010, women are no longer 'getting jobs'. They're having careers. 20 or 30 years ago this would have been unheard of, with the average age for women to get married being 23. But now with the wages for women having risen to the same as men's, woman are now taking over the work place and slowly out-doing the men. The current average marriage age is now between 28 and 32 and rising, with some woman waiting up to 15 years after finishing university to have kids, if they even have them at all.

The modern world is becoming more busy woman friendly too, with late night gyms, after work yoga, pilates and dance classes, retail shops staying open later and niche bars being open during the week as well as weekend (Not to mention 'Ladies Night's'). Its almost as if the recession isn't happening!

Knowledge is definitely power in this world. With more woman now graduating university than men and with the new stage of life they have between uni and kids, there is a new consumer in the economic market. Bags, shoes, lingerie, magazines and that's not all. With the rise of strong smart women who are earning more and more as time goes on, there will be a greater demand for quality items and services and with that demand will come jobs, in turn creating more opportunities for other woman letting the economy grow even more.

In Australia we are lucky enough to be given a little present by Mister Kevin Rudd, a lovely little multi-billion dollar stimulus package. What will you spend it on? ($950 can buy some pretty sweet kicks!) I am definitely an advocate of spending that money on Australia, so here are a few companies who are Australian owned that you may consider spending that little ditty on to help stimulate the economy.

A favorite of mine would have to be Cue. Not only is it Australia owned, but they still make their clothes in Australia too! Why not pick up a pair of shoes and a dress for your job interview at that big corporation and impress them with your cunning sense of style and sensitivity of the economy? Or, you could get Foxtel installed, as they have their customer services center in Melbourne and give jobs to university students, who - with the majority of current university students going hungry - might be good to go with. Help feed Australia's rising talent! There is also tonnes of shops that sell hand made items and the money goes to, you guessed it, Australians. Little companies like Sew Your Own and Meet Me at Mikes that are owned by independent women who have gone into a niche market and come out on top, with stores all over Australia and the US selling their products as well as having websites to make their products available to those who are out of reach.

Being one of these woman would be great. I myself am attempting to start my own clothing label for dog lovers (coming soon). So next time you have an idea, don't just throw it away or shrug it off. Write it down. Think about it. Come up with a business plan. Do that uni course! You could be the next Sportsgirl or HomeDepo! All it takes is drive and passion. You need to focus and be motivated too. Nothing good comes easy. Or if that's not your thing, next time you're shopping, opt for something Australian owned and made. Though it might cost more, it will be worth it in the end. And who doesn't want the good karma?

I am so glad to have been born in such an age of transformation, where woman and men are equal, there can be female CEO's and one day, Prime Ministers and Presidents. We have the power to rule the world if we put our minds to it. So don't you dare put down those shoes when your partner/husband/boyfriend sighs and says "do you REALLY need them?". Say "YES I DO!" Because quite simply, its your money, and we are the future!

Power to you ladies in everything you do.


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Now, usually I'm not one of those people that jumps at the chance to be in photos. In fact you could say I'm camera shy! But upon hanging out with my younger sister (who now has a camera glued to her hand after living in Japan for a year) I have found myself the subject of many 'happy snaps'. I thought I'd share them with my lovely readers so that you can get a closer look at my life!

Here are a couple of photos I find quite nice and or amusing.
This is my friend Chris D (Class of 1984) and I napping after a long day of shopping fueled by massive quantities of Mother and V Energy drinks. Courtesy of my sister..

Penny becomes a grasshopper in long grass. The little darling.

We make a lovely family we do. This is on my daily commute into Melbourne to waste time and money.

On my way to one of my favorite Streets in Melbourne (Errol Street) someone wrote on the wall.. I was quite happy to walk past this on my way.

Share your world ladies. The more beauty the better!


I Love Winter!!!

As the days get shorter and colder I find myself out and about more. I do so love Winter!! I cant get enough of the snuggly scarves, the big warm jackets, seeing your breath and of course, HOT CHOCOLATE!!!
Here are a couple of my seasonal faves to help you keep warm in the coming winter months. Inside and out!

Hot chocolate in a Hug Mug at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar $5.50

The first time I tasted the delicious hot chocolate milks at
Max Brenner Chocolate Bar I think I died a little. What started off as coffee with Penny, Mister and Toshi turned into a bonding session about dogs, love and chocolate. My first love of Winter is Chocolate. And the first person I go to will always be Max Brenner. Yum.

PeterAlexander Tartan Home Boot $99

When I fist saw these I gasped. Tartan uggies? WTF? But then I tried them on. BAM LAY-BY!! I needed a new pair anyway.. Right? Right. So On lay-by they went.. Not 6 foot out of the store I decided I couldnt leave without them. I turned back and got them straight away. Shortest lay-by in history. I keep trying to make excuses to wear them where ever I go. I love love love them. Warm, snug and oh so cute on! I recommend ANY home boots that Mister P. Alexander throws our way.
In store or at

PeterAlexander Signature Rose Wide PJ Pant $45

I love nothing more than lounging around the house with my hot water bottle strapped to my belly and these babies on. The fabric caught my eye the second I set foot in the store. They're comfy and perfect for those cold winter nights. Also they don't wrap themselves around your legs in bed like most jammie pants. They come in a variety of prints (this was my fave) and aren't even that expensive! Get into them. You know you want to.
In store or at

Marian Keyes - Further Under the Duvet. $23 Boarders

This book is great to read when you're bundled up with a hot chocolate in front of the heater. A collection of journalism pieces written by a lovely Irish Woman you wont forget any time soon. You'll laugh at her tales of getting thrown out of Mui Mui, you'll cry over the heartwarming story of the Russian orphaniage. You'll turn green with envy as she tries and tests free cosmetics from the best of the couture cosmetic companies. I give this book 5 gold stars. Truly great Winter read. I do recommend.

Hobbies! (Mostly Cheap)

Hobbies are great, but some are less sutable for winter than others. My new Winter hobby is knitting! Its actually fun when you get the hang of it. And think of all the scarves you'll have! I am currently working on jumpers for my puppies.
Wish me luck!

Witchery Felicity Peep-toe lace up heel $189

This shoe turned out to be surprisingly well made for a brand like this. Though I must say this is the first time I have bought anything from Witchery, so I cant really comment on their quality. Its comfey and sturdy, though the tip of the heel could be covered better, the metal of the heel has come through (could also be due to excessive wear, hence tear) . Still I cant stop wearing them! Love Love all the way! And so good for that baroque look I love so very much.

Baroque-gothic-indie-esque layered outfits.
I took these looks from Uma's Style Diary. I think they're great! (Also I want to know what program that is to make these outfits, and where I can get it!) I chose a couple of my favorites to show you what style I'm wearing. I'm loving the baroque-gothic-indie-esque layered look right now. Lots of grays, creams, blacks and browns. Lest we forget beautifully structured jackets that you would never have thought wearable before. Mix it up with Skinny jeans or tights along with some cute heels (loving this look with the above mentioned peep-toe) or an awesome pair of boots and throw in a grungy waist belt and voila! Not to mention one of the best things about this look is that you can find pieces anywhere to emphasize your unique sence of style. Op-shops and vintage stores are a good place to start. Some of the trendier main stream stores are beginning to sell it too! You could even do what I did and Make your own stuff! It doesnt have to be perfect, as long as you keep it dark and original, I made an awesome 3/4 sleve jacket with a large neck line so I could rock the massive scarves! Don't forget, you can mix it up a little too! Throw in something you wouldent usually think to see on someone wearing this stuff. I myself tend to wear a pink rose in my hair (which is ruby red) to add another dash of color. That along with my FABULOUS hot pink D&G glasses and you have all the apropriate shades of pink thrown into an otherwise monochrome look.

Enjoy your Winter ladies!


Friday, April 10, 2009


first trip outside
Originally uploaded by Doxieone
Yesterday the first payment was made on the second addition to my little family. A little chocolate daxie named Quiqueg!!! (from Moby Dick for those playing at home)

Its not just that! Quiqueg has a sister that Mister may be adopting! Eve!

Here's a photo of the new arrival. Quiqueg at 14 days old!