Saturday, January 30, 2010

Heaven and back

Over the past couple of months I have suffered terrible writers block. I am here to say it is OVER for good I hope. I find that I need to get right out of my comfort zone to be inspired and travel is the best way to do that. I have recently returned from Heaven, aka Vanuatu. A place so devistatingly beautiful and unique that its hard to believe I had to come home. During my 15 day stay I encountered wonderous new customs, learnt my worth in pigs and met some of the most interesting people I feel I could meet. From the charming Nick at La Tentation, to the ever complaining 'Yaya', owner of the largest if only IT shop in Vila. Here is my story.

It all began in November, when an article in Bazaar sparked an old flame of intrigue I had for the magical islands. I looked up costings and places to stay and before I knew it I was in Flight Centre buying a ticket! The date grew closer and closer and I realised that, maybe I should take someone on my journey. It would be more fun after all to say to them "remember when we..?" Then the race was on! I pitted my two best girlfriends and my partner - Himself - against each other to see who could come up with the money for airfares first. Himself, came first, and even managed to chip in a bit on the resorts. Which was great cause it meant many foot rubs for me and other romantic things, such as kyak trips and dinners on the beach at sunset. The days grew nearer and nearer, and we got our shots and medicine etc etc, then before I knew it, it was January and we were jetting off to the unknown.

Touch down and as we exit the plane we were hit by the thick humid air, regretting my choice in wearing jeans I could think of nothing better than getting to the resort and changing into my sarong. We walked down the stairs and onto the tarmat, feeling the moisture seep through our clothing. But it didn't matter. We were here. The airport was surrounded by lush rainforest and fringed with coconut palm trees, the airport itself was a pale blue shed looking thing with fans as its only form of cooling system. We made our way through customs and loaded ourselves into the transfer bus, the driver smiled and handed us cool bottles of water and refresher wipes and took our luggage for us. We sat in the bus waiting for other passengers in awe of the scenery around us. The bus was airconditioned so it gave us plenty of room to think and take in what we were seeing. After a while a small girl who was the drivers sister got on the bus and as we took off she explained to us the triving laws, some local customs, and some other much needed information about the very foreign place we had landed in. So begun the drop-offs. We were the last stop and couldn't wait to see what was waiting for us. "Last stop - Breaka's!"

We climbed off the bus and saw a path going through a tropical garden filled with hibiscas and coconut palms. As we went to get out luggage, we were stopped as a group of men took it apon themselves to transport our luggage to the lobby. As we got there and signed in, we were greeted with lei's made of woven flax and fruit punch mocktails. Heaven! "Room 3" said the conceirge as he handed us the key and an envalope with my name on it. Once again, before we could get within a foot of our luggage, it had already been whisked off to our room by a lively young man names Michel. Our little hut was close to the bar and beautiful. The roof was made up of woven banana leaves and the walls of stone and coral. Inside was a treat of cool tiled floors, a queen bed, a day bed, and all the pillows we could ask for. Michel left us with a smile and dissapeared through the sand and palm fringed buildings. I pulled the pillows off the bed and lie there for a moment. Perfect. After a refreshing shower and a quick change of attire, not to mention my beloved afternoon nap, we headed to dinner. We had arrived on the night of the Melanesian feast! Our table was under cover and though a pillar was in the way we enjoyed the music and story-telling of the local village of Pango and enjoyed a buffet of the local cusine. After fruit cocktails and amazing food, we retired to our room, exhausted and collapsed on our bed.

This was mearly day one!

Throughout my trip Himself and myself ventured through rain forests and villages, kyaked down rivers, fed sea turtles and sharks. We met new friends and dined on the beach, on organic farms and ate some of the most amazing food I have eaten. I even got to cook! Himself got many offers for jobs and as our trip neared to an end we had never felf more at home. On our last night, we dined at a new friend of ours -Nick's- Restaurant. La Tentation, the dinner was candle lit with glorious tapas towers, fine wine and great people.

I will always remember my trip to Vanuatu. I hope it will remember me!


I see it first

January Favorites! LOVE LOVE LOVE in the new year of 2010!

This Summer is half way done! Thank goodness for that! I feel my Summer Slippers (Havianas) melt to the pavement when I set foot out of the house and dread wearing heels for fear I will slip out of them at any moment. Indoors is my haven and as the aircon sends chills down my legs I think of all the fun things that can come with a Summer spent mostly indoors..

I simply must must have..

Fashion TV has the most amazing range of clothing stating the wearers love of the movement. 

Check out the fashion packs available at the website!
Don't mind the super skinny models, we all know that fashion is about the clothing and not the size of your waist. Think of all the top fashionestas who have a little more to love!

Do you get bored sitting inside with nothing but your computer to keep you company? How about you pick up a little buddy to bring your pc to life!

This little USB owl is one of many PC toys that plug and play to make your computer more fun. Be it at work, school or home, these little guys are sure to brighten the experiance of staring at a screen all day. Check out for the latest in toys, from USB owl, to USB rocket launcher!

I love love LOVE Vogue. But I am so tired of venturing outside into the heat to pick it up. I Subscribed as it makes it cheaper and gives you something to be excited about. And while you wait, check out for the latest news and looks! Voila! No sunburn!

Its no fun spending your days in front of a fan, in your knickes waiting for the sun to go down. Why not jet set to a forign land of beauty and wonder? Most sub-tropical countries like Tahiti or Veitnam don't get over 30c in Summer, though they do have a high humidity (90%+). I recently spent my holidays away in Vanuatu and while I battled with the humidity (and won eventually) I met amazing people and saw unspoilt beauty at its finest. A great distraction from the hot weather. My one tip. Bring a GHD.

Pick yourself up a foot spa and treat youself a couple of times a week. My tootsies are loving Sunbeam's Hydrotherapy foot spa. For the full treatment, pick up some scented oils, marbles, foot moisturiser and some lovely nail laquer. I am so in love with Chanel nail laquer in Vendetta.

All eyes on moi

Woven glitter gowns in all 3 golds, blushing salmon bridal tulle, chiffon, lace and silk. Georges Chakra you are King of La Femme Haute Couture. In the Paris Haute Couture Summer/Autunm show for 2010; the girls breeze down the runway with pulled back ballerina buns loosly held and whispy. Laiden with vast amounts of beautifully manupulated fabric in pastel shades from pink to yellow to glitter gold and silver. Thick lace mixed with bridal tulle floats down and with a quick spin floats off again, leaving you wanting more from this fabulous designer. The music


Dior, in Keeping with the designers true style of Haute Couture has brought out a line that is built for luxe womean. layers of chiffon, boiled wool and netting with top hats and canes, the girls take their time down the runway. Large silver platters laiden with cut crystal dangling from their ears, faces painted white with red lips and dark eyes. Unafraid stances and large loose whispy buns. The music is new age western, then changes to a Leona Lewis sounding song as large beautiful gowns float down, the girls wearing massive hats, millinary heaven as netting and feathers embroyder these beautiful creations.

This concludes my Mid-Summer-love special for now. But stay tuned!