Monday, November 9, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Christmas is drawing near and its the beginning of the gift giving season. For some of us its a religious time, for others, a time for family or for some it just means presents! Which ever way you celebrate this season, you'll always want to give gifts that are guaranteed not to be re-gifted!

I have made a list of my top favorite gift ideas for all you girls out there to spread the gift of giving; also you might want to leave this page open for someone to stumble upon and get a little something for yourself. After all, it feels better to give something to someone and have them squealing in rapture, isn't it?

You cant go wrong with costume jewelry. For women of all ages, there will be a piece that will scream their name. You can make your own (see, "Drama Class") or pick up some amazing pieces from or and you can find some pretty great deals on ebay and too. Check out your local thrift store or flea market too, you never know what treasure you might uncover.

Rooster Brooch --- Pearl pig tail ring --- Rascal Raccoon necklace

Know someone who doesn't know what they want? Pick up a department store voucher. Trust me on this, you are better off getting them this than getting something they don't actually want. They will be happy that you're paying attention to their indecisiveness. If you want to give something more specific, get them a make up or clothing voucher from a luxe brand like Chanel or MAC. But remember; make up can be a pretty personal thing, so find out how much it'll cost for a couple of items and get a voucher to that value. Speak to the ladies (or boys) at the counters to see if you can pick up a little extra treat for yourself, as they usually have deals on where you can pay a little more and get a sample pack to die for.

Strapped for cash this season? Grab some paper and some pretty pens and old magazines and get cracking on some personalised Christmas cards. Hand write all of them and seal them in envelopes with a kiss. For extra points, bake some cupcakes or gingerbread men and make them look like your pals. Guaranteed no re-gifting!

Boys will be boys, and a lot of the time boys like nothing more than socks and jocks. Really. You might not think it but its true. Those creatures are always running low on the things! (Makes you wonder what they do in them..) This is a good gift for Dads, brothers and boyfriends when you don't have a lot of mula (or want to spend more on your gal pals, cause shopping for them is way more fun anyway!) You could also sneak into their room and take a quick look at their CD collection and see what they could use a bit more of, they'll totally dig that you know their taste. Just don't tell them how you know. For extra special boys who you don't mind spending a bit more on, you can get tickets to some great Summer music festivals, cologne or boy essentials (wallets, watches, belts, nice liqueur etc). They'll totally love you for it.

Everyone has one, a girlfriend obsessed with shoes. For those of you who do have one, you could make them a shoe care pack! Just pick up some waterproofer, a buff and a scuff fixing fluid and wrap it up. Its cheap and they're probably going to need it after all the Christmas sales and bargains. Same goes for bag ladies and jewelry crazy girls. Care packs rock.

Mother's can be pretty hard to shop for and sometimes they can get lost in the mad rush of the buying and you leave their gift to last minute. Pick Mum up a voucher for a spa treatment, or a mani/pedi/massage combo and put it in a hand made card. Bonus points for putting a picture of you and her in the old days on it. For Mum's on the 'go', grab her the ultimate age reducing creams. Try Clinique Youth Surge Night de-accelerating night moisturiser, Priori Coffeeberry brightening facial complex or Estee Lauder Time Zone line and Wrinkle reducing Creme. All revolutions in the age defying game.

Got young kids or toddlers to buy gifts for? Make them some toys! They might not get it, but if they're young enough they will love it. There are hundreds of "make it yourself" kits in fabric stores like Lincraft or Spotlight, or you could check out patterns on the net for something more original. For older kids, pick them up the hottest thing right now. kids aren't usually old enough to be quirky, so remember being their age and what you wanted. Remember to ask their parents first though before you buy them Baywatch Barbie, as they might not like their kids having those sorts of toys. Don't give kids money. That's what their parents work for.

Chester the vinyl bear, Via $130

For tweens or younger teens, get them ipod music credit, CD's of their favorite bands, Magazine subscriptions (Dolly, Girlfriend, Chick) or cute accessories. You cant go wrong. You can also get some cool totes for them to carry their school stuff around in. Call it practice for when they get expensive bags when they're older.

Book bugs, writers, illustrators, scribblers, cooks, music lovers etc; books, notepads, sketch books + pens pens pens! The artistic types are easy to read and fun to shop for. Pick up old cook books by people you've never heard of, records of weird underground bands, buy drawings that awe you and frame them (IKEA frame $8 - $16), How-to guides, Ayn Rand or Charles Bukowski, poetry books, anatomy books, cool fabric, buttons, anything! The list is endless! Fill their odd shaped burlap stocking with joy!

Travel geeks can never have enough travel bags, cases, or tech-protectors. Check out the range at, and Via Alley. You can never have enough tote bags, laptop cases and iphone protectors!
I leave it up to you now! Go forth and gift thy friends and family! No matter how annoying they are!


P.S Don't skimp on the mistletoe this Christmas!