Saturday, July 24, 2010

Regular Obsession!

As you might remember, I am obsessed with sausage dogs.

I just found an awsome website.

SQUEEEE!! Enjoy!


Friday, July 23, 2010


Bullies can make you feel so alone and worthless. So I thought that this post would be appropriate after the first comment on my last post.

I know it happens and you do to! Online bullies or "keyboard warriors" are a nuisance but they are bound to happen. They appear when you have something they want in most cases, like confidence or style. Sometimes people don't think about what they're saying, or are just bored and want a reaction.

Don't stress! You have something someone else wants!

Unfortunately, short of crawling under a rock and vanishing, you aren't going to make them disappear. There is no trick to make them stop and there is only a couple ways to find out who it is. But in the end, it never matters.

Remember girls, you're amazing, beautiful people and there are people out there who love you. Forget losers like Anony-miss, who never have anything to say in the first place. Don't stop being who you are, for anyone, ever.

You are loved. By people that matter.


Boys boys boys!


So, a girl often wonders how to pick out a nice young gentleman to escort her about the place. And by this I mean to 'make an impression' as it were. With the way we function these days, its often that we meet boys in bars and clubs. These boys are particularly hard to sort through! But here is a quick how to for the girl on the go.

How to spot a nice guy in a sea of douches.

Number one.

A nice boy will buy you a drink. And not a shitty vodka and lemonade either. He'll get you whatever you like, or even suggest something delicious and new!

Number two.

He'll dance with you. He wont buy you a drink and ditch you just to liqueur you up again in a half an hour. He'll dance with you and flirt with you and laugh with you and offer you his jacket if you go outside to smoke.

Number three.

If you smoke and he doesn't. He will accompany you regardless.

And last but not least, he will ask for your number. If you go home with him, he will drop you home in the morning. He doesn't have to make you breakfast, but dropping you home or even paying for your cab ride means he's a bit of alright. (This only applies to boys who do all of the above)

Good luck in the vast sea of single-dome ladies! Remember, it's meant to be fun! So don't sweat the small stuff.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

I missed you!

Hello hello!

It has been a while since I have had the urge or motivation to write something. And you know me.. I need something to inspire, otherwise it just turns out crap! I have missed you lovely ladies and I am please to announce that I am back.

SO! Where to begin? Things have changed and I can most likely instruct on how to rid yourself on a hang over now rather than pick out a wedding dress and what you can wear out to snare a hottie. Yes, the single life has been treating me well and I hope to bring the fruits of my success to you!

First things first. I say I get all this stuff out the way so that we can move on to valuable life lessons.

Number one! OMIGAWD I love going out! I don't think I can recall a quiet weekend in months! Busy busy busy. I've been meeting amazing new people and catching up with rad old friends too. Its funny who you leave behind when you're in love, huh?

Number two! I've gotten a few more tattoos.. Yes. I am still addicted! I never stopped really.. Was just too poor.

And number three! Boys boys boys! I wouldn't say I'm a hussy or anything, but I do like a good 'kiss-goodnight-to-go" every now and then.. I'm not even entirely sure what that means to me, much rather what it means to you girls! (I mean kissing and running!) Ooh la la!

Alright! Now we can get back to it!