Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Summer Holidays are finally here! Time to start planning some holidays on tropical islands far away! I've picked out some of my favorite getaway's sure to keep your Summer fun!

I give you the best of the South Pacific!

We all love to get away from the crowds once and a while. Lie on a white sandy beach with the
3 essential 'b's - a book, a bikini and a boy. Preferably rubbing oil on our backs. A lot of the time it seems too expensive and people don't even bother. But the truth is, that with a little saving, you're definitely going to be able to have some fun in paradise.

Here are a couple of my favorites
courtesy Infinity Holidays and Explore Holidays.


Vanuatu is a magical place to the East of Tropical North Queensland. It is a great place for honeymooners and older travelers who are up for some adventure as most of the resorts don't cater for children under
15 years old. There is Volcano walks, hidden beaches just for you and tours of all types to help you get to know the islands better. With resorts for all budgets there is definitely something for everyone! Flights are about $855 and leave from Brisbane airport three times a week.

Hideaway Island Resort
"This relaxed Melanesian-style resort is set on a small coral atoll and is surrounded by amazing marine life. Home to the underwater post office" - Infinity Holidays

Looks beautiful from the photographs, and sounds great too! Upon further research I found out that you can hand feed 'tamed' fish all around the island! This place is great for fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and all other types of water sports. Its a small secluded island with guest age restrictions so you wont have to hear the screams of children while you relax (Just the sounds of newlyweds screaming at night if you opt for the cheaper Twin share rooms). Prices start from a low AU$41 a night with transfers to the airport or Port Vila harbor. The room types go from Twin share, to quad dorm share to an ocean bungalow. If you're the active type I think this is the resort for you. You can go in groups to extend your trip and make it cheaper at the same time.

Breakas Beach Resort
"Nestled amid swaying palms fringing a 2km stretch of private beach, Breakas Beach Resort is an intimate tropical retreat designed exclusively for adults." - Explore Holidays

For those who like the more relaxed side of things, like massages, long walks on the beach and cocktails at a swim-up bar. Breakas Beach Resort is for you. With a prime view of the best surfing beach in Vanuatu. The rooms boast either views of the rain forest in the Garden view fares and un-spoiled views of the ocean in the Beachfront fares, with amazing open air bathrooms and a balcony with day beds. Perfect for lounging around reading and gazing at the breathtaking views. The resort is 5kms from Port Vila and Sectioned off from the rest of the world by a wall of trees, to make your stay a quiet, relaxing and peaceful one. From $133 its worth the little extra for the treatment you get.


Iririki Island Resort
"Iririki Island Resort & Spa is a stunning property situated exclusively on a 28ha private island in the heart of Port Vila Harbor. Arrive from the airport and in less than 20 minutes you will be refreshed with a welcoming cocktail and the friendly faces that Vanuatu is renowned for. Iririki is the closest accommodation to the town centre." - Explore Holidays

Romantic Holiday for two? You've come to the right place! They even have a chapel if the mood strikes for a shot-gun wedding. With a day-spa, in room spa, movies, Internet and sports ranging from snorkeling to golf, there is something for everyone here. From $160 a night, you can enjoy the best of Vanuatu's luxe treatment. The resort also has a pool with swim-up bar, gym/fittness centre, tennis court and some kicking on island night life. If you're into the main islands night life, they have a 24hr a day ferry service into Port Vila Harbor, which takes only 3 minutes to reach its destination.


Fiji is a place everybody has heard of, knows and loves. This tangible heaven-on-earth has resorts for all types and budgets. Flights are around Between $
500 - $850 depending on where you're flying from and leave almost daily. Fiji is great for families and younger newlyweds looking for a relaxing or adventurous getaway.

Bounty Island Resort - Mamancuna Islands
"48 Acres of wilderness, forest and gardens with Bures set on the beach front surrounded by clear pristine waters and a marine reserve providing great snorkeling" - Infinity Holidays

From a low $44 a night this is the best place for all you struggling uni students who need a change of pace. The property is student orientated with a games room, pool, restaurant and bar with daily activities and entertainment. For families, children under the age of 11 stay free. for $50 a day you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a dorm room available with a capacity of 86 people so you can bring all your friends.


Oarsman's Bay Lodge - Yasawa Islands
"Situated on a magnificent turquoise lagoon you'll be hard pressed to find a more idyllic location to while your time away." - Infinity Holidays

From $91 a night with breakfast lunch and dinner included, Oarsman's Bay Lodge is straight out of a picture book. With only the basic amenities, this Lodge will have you getting out and about. With a range of water sports to choose from you'll be hard pressed if you want to be bored. The Lodge has a bar and a Restaurant on its property and a choice of dorms or Bures.


Mana Island Resort and Spa - Mamanuca Islands
"Against a tapestry of lush tropical gardens. Mana Island Resort and Spa is wreathed with natural white beaches and crystal clear rich coral waters. Only metres inland, the island is covered in rolling soft-grass hills and mountainsides offering robust hiking to those in search of Adventure." - Infinity Holidays

This decedent resort does indeed boast beautiful waters, beaches and just about everything is amazing. With two large freshwater swimming pools (above), a day spa and a kids' club, there is no way you'll run out of things to do, especially as there are activities which change daily! With Cultural shows and night-time entertainment, from $144 a night its a definite steal!


I hope you have some great adventures this Summer! I know I will!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time to relax

Summer is close and is well known for being a time for parties, music festivals, hot sweaty nights and hotter days and with all that's going on you'll need a way to relax and de-stress from the endless hussle and bussle that Summer seems to bring. Not to mention try and stay healthy through the maddness, beer and burgers.

Its time to ditch the camomile tea and hot baths, you need some cool relaxation, Short girl style!

Over the past 6 weeks I have trialed and tested six different relaxation treatments and techniques so as to give you some of the best ways to relax this coming Summer. My chosen methods were, an intense detoxing diet (RAW non vegan), Shakti mat, Pet therapy, meditation, Aromatherapy and cupping.

First up I tried out aromatherapy, now I don't know about you girls, but I thoroughly enjoy walking into stores like Dusk and Lush simply to be bombarded with amazing smells. And they do say that smell is the sense that triggers more happy memories than any other sense! I got myself a Ylang ylang scented oil and set up my oil burner, took a seat and let the smell embrace me. I was suddenly filled with warmth and feeling quite tingly. I breathed deeply, in through my nose and out through my mouth. I had some great relaxation music playing softly in the background which really made the experience luxe.
Get yourself a big soft pillow or just sit on the floor, as long as you're comfortable, a scented candle or oil burner, a well ventilated room in a quiet spot and some relaxing music (Try Enya/deep forest - sweet lullaby or the sounds of nature), sit for at least 20 minutes and breath deeply, focus on your breath and the scent of the oil and relax. Its easy, cheap and definitely worth it.

To step it up a notch, go for an aromatherapy massage (or make your partner massage your back) with scented massage oils. My favorite scents are Ylang ylang, coconut, lavender and rose.

My next technique was to try "Pet therapy". Sounded a bit 'iffy' to me and I couldn't find a website on it. But after having done it, I believe it brings you and your pet closer together and relaxes you both.

Penny and I relaxing together.

Sit or lie in a comfortable position with your pet either sitting on your lap or lying on your chest (sitting or lying next to you if its a large pet). Rub their head and ears to get them into a relaxed state. Then as they close their eyes, close yours and continue petting them gently. Breathe deeply and put out positive energies to your pet. If they begin to get restless, don't force them to stay, as it wont be a relaxing experience for either of you. You can also do this with babies or your partner. I used my puppies because I don't have a baby and my boyfriend wont sit still.

On the 4th week of my exploration into relaxation I received my Shakti mat. I think I died a little when I pulled it out of the packet, having only seen photos of it before then. Its a Small foam mat covered in sharp spikes! I was terrified. I think that's why when I tried it the first time I could only manage 10 minutes, but even that left me feeling like I had just had a huge 2 day detox. After a while, I managed more and more time on it, and the feeling after became more and more relaxing. I learnt that the trick is to clear your mind. Don't think about ANYTHING, lest you will feel the wrath of the spikes. I love my Shakti mat now. I use it once a day for 20 minutes and am feeling better for it. It even helped clear up my cupping bruises!

Get yourself a Shakti mat asap. $149 from www.shaktimat.com.au

The mat comes with a pamphlet that has a couple of exercises you can do on it to help improve metabolism and release tension and upon bringing it to my naturopath, she confirmed that it in fact does everything it claims to do. It even has a symbol to help free your mind while meditating on the back of it! Its called the Shee Yantra, and it makes meditation way easier.

My fourth trial was of pure meditation. And I found it utterly difficult to say the least. My mind would race, making lists and problem solving, I couldn't relax and it only lasted a few minutes. In the end I had to succumb to music and the Shee Yantra to help me break my over thinking problem. I just put the same relaxing track on repeat and sat, cross legged, eyes focussed and deep breathed. Finally, I knew what it was all about, and it only took me 5 weeks to figure it out too!

Cupping. Now where do I start?

This is cupping.
This is what it looks like after.

Okay, now you've seen it. Looks painful doesn't it? Its really not. I promise. The bruises are actually more like giant hickeys, and if done properly will be darker in problem areas that need further looking at/massaging. Check out your local naturopath or Chinese Medical practitioner or look here for places in Australia or for more information on the treatment. After a session of cupping (which I get once a month) your naturopath will walk you through some treatment of the poor circulation of Qi that you have. You will see an improvement in your cupping results after a few sessions and bruising time can be reduced with use of the Shakti mat or daily massage. Its also a great conversation starter when you're wearing backless tops.

During my trials I changed my diet to the RAW (non vegan) diet. Which basically is any food that hasn't been processed, like whole wheat, raw or undercooked veggies, or steak rather than sausages. Its a pretty easygoing diet, but it does a lot, removing any processed condiments will also leave you feeling more refreshed. Try balsamic vinegar and olive oil on your salad rather than store bought dressing, Cook your steak with soy sauce or crushed garlic instead of tomato sauce or barbecue. The possibilities are endless. Switch to rye bread and stay away from any white flour products, drink and eat fresh dairy, drink lots of water or home made juices and eat plenty of fresh fruit, fresh fish and yogurt.

You've seen the ads, we know that there is a huge buzz around at the moment about the cleansing powers of açaí berries. After some careful research, I have found that the easier to come by and cheaper (and as it turns out BETTER) version of these berries is the humble blueberry! Pick up a punnet or two today and snack on them for breakfast and lunch for some powerful cleansing. Besides, açaí "dealers" are usually scammers anyway. Check out this page for more details!

Happy Spring/Summer guys!


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I am doing very well thank you

I Am Doing Very Well Thank You - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Hey everyone! I have a job for you.
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Bassets De Race Allemande

This was a piece made by the ever loved Moreinterpretations as a present to moi. I love it soooo much! (check the comment for my initial reaction).

Thank you endlessly Forrest. You're an amazing friend. <3