Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Things I love and turning 22

Its only a few days from my birthday and I am super excited!

This past year has been a busy one, that's for sure! I decided to show you all some stuff that has made me smile this year.

Pic from my SG shoot, "Moss and Cooling"

♥I really started getting into being tattooed recently. Like HARDCORE into it! I love it so much, but most of all I love my artist. Kraig Wilkins. He's done some of the most beautiful work on me and I could not be happier about it.
I'll be doing a tattoo blog and be exhibiting my work there, so I wont show any now so its a surprise!

♥My puppies! Penny and Quiqueg had a little family! They're so cute, it'll make your face explode! I gave two of them to my Mom and I decided to keep two for myself.

In order of appearence, Angus, Queenie, Forrest and Tuppence.


♥ Tattooed boys. They're so fun to look at! My girlies and I are massive perverts with no shame, as you would have noticed.. But who needs shame when you're happy with who you are?

♥ My girlies. I love them like.. Uhh..

Nothing compares.

Mercedes, Elora and Ashleigh. My amazing loves! These girls rock my world hardcore.

♥ Drop Dead clothing. I swear I have bought Oli Sykes a new car with how much I have bought from that brand. Its comfy and has amazing designs and is made really well too.. Quality matters! Hit up Iheartdropdead.com and check out their stuff. You'll love it!
I have this Tshirt!

♥ Suicide Girls.com, I'm only a hopeful right now but I hope to be a fully fledged SG one day. Being on the site has been so much fun! Check out my link in the sidebar if you're interested!

♥Amity Affliction. This is the Album of the year. I'll admit, the cover is what got me, but every song is amazing and the whole thing is put together amazingly. Its the only CD that gets played in my car right now. Though I do have the odd mp3 playing, its only cause I'm scared to scratch my love.

♥ My car. The little shit box that dreams are made of.. It has so many 'cute' things hung from the rearvision mirror and teddies on the back, one wonders how I see out of any of the windows, but the fun my friends and I have in that car cannot be beaten. I love my little boat!

♥ James Jean is one of the most amazing artists of life and I have dedicated half of my leg to his artwork. Also, some of my bedroom wall space too. His style blows my mind and leaves me wanting more. Check out JamesJean.com to see his stuff!

♥ Amy Meredith, yet another awesome band I cant wait for Summer to crank in my car. They're so much fun to listen to and make you wanna shake your booty! Cant wait for them to come back to Adelaide in September! Weee!

Must admit I have a massive crush on Joel.. Mercedes has one on Christian though, so its all good!

♥ Local music and apparel makes my heart sing. To know that my little city is capable of producing bands like Capulet and At Fates Mercy puts a smile on my face. Also with brands like Fire to Scarecrow and Thorn Enterprises and upcoming brands like Lucky Licorice and Run&Hide clothing there isn't much NOT to be excited about!

♥ YOU!! You, my beloved readers, whether you hate me or love me, knowing you're reading something I've written and it makes you think; couldn't make me any happier! Keep on reading, commenting, emailing and don't forget to tell your friends!


These are the things that have made my year amazing. I hope for the next one to be just as cool! Goodbye 21! Bring on being 22!!



Love means never giving up.

Dear world.

Here is a rant I need to get out of my system about "the spark".

What the hell is wrong with people? The next time I hear someone ruining a good relationship because a lack of "the spark" my head will fucking EXPLODE! I thought the spark was something you felt when you were 17.. I mean.. Think about it.. Back then if you had a spare $100 and you saw a TV on sale you would fucking buy it straight up.. Now days you think before you buy. Its the same with love.. You're all grown up now and you gotta weigh the pros and cons of a relationship before you jump into it, test it out, and get into it slowly.

If you like someone, you like them, you hang out with them, you want to know what they're doing and if they are wondering the same about you. Apparently though you need more. MORE?! More than being cared about? REALLY?! This "spark" bullshit is just a bunch of young adults with "Peter-Pan syndrome" who wont pull their heads out of their asses and see that love is about commitment and hard work.. If you want to fall in love that fast, then you don't fucking deserve to be in love. Love is worth the wait. You're never gonna get tingles and grins if you throw it at everyone you think you have a fucking "spark" with. Soon enough, "I love you" will have no meaning to you and you will end up empty and alone.

Think about the last impulse buy you got.. Do you even remember it? Sure, I bet you loved it at the start. But where is it now? Now think about the first love you had as a teenager. It was all shiny and new and pretty wasn't it. How long did it last huh? It was so easy then. But nothing good comes easy.

ANYTHING worth having, is worth fighting for.

So you "kids" can keep your fucking spark. I want an adult who knows what it means to put care and effort into something as special as being with someone.

You're worth the wait.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Sooo.. It so happens that I am a hopeful on SuicideGirls.com... I think you should all Join and vote me in to being a real life Suicide Girl!

First up, for all you haters. There is nothing wrong with being naked. It is the way we were born and we should embrace what nature gave us. So if you wanna tell me that what I'm doing is wrong, you're wasting your time. For the lovers! You guys rock. I wouldn't be here it it weren't for you! This blog and its followers is what gave me courage to take it up a notch and join. Go check out my photos! I also have a personal blog on there, where you can read about what I get up to on a weekly basis. I write about boy troubles, car troubles, tattoo appts, music I love and sometimes have the odd bitch. I hope wait to see you guys there! Maybe we could even be friends and I could read about your day? I hope so!

For those who are unsure what Suicide Girls are, you really have to check out the site for yourself. Its an amazing collection of pin up girl photographs, where the girls are real and beautiful in their own way. What other people thought made us weird or fucked up, we think it makes us beautiful. Its a site where women can come together and express themselves, not only via their photos, but through their blogs and more. Suicide Girls is a community of men and women who appreciate the different and sometimes weird girls who differ greatly from the mainstream.

SO; I'm super excited. I shot my set about a month ago and its due to
go live in September. I will be doing a couple more shoots before then, so keep your eyes peeled! The photo above is part of it. So much fun shooting it! Though maple syrup is pretty sticky and hard to get off. But who could resist nude pancake breakfasts?

If you're interested, join up now! Even try out to become a SG! You never know.. Your cluster of random freckles or your bright orange mohawk might be what gets you there.

Here's my page anyway! And to join up, click the link in the side bar!

Love, peas and sexy naked ladies make the world go round!