Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When did 'we' become 'me'? (Rant)

In this day and age people's personalities and traits are evolving and becoming more extreme. Its funny how the times change. As people become wilder and less likely to be tied down, the ones that actually want love and a stable relationship seem to be harder and harder to find. Now I'm no better or worse than most people. But after a while the party gets a bit old and you start resenting waking up to a hangover instead of a person you love.

Its never fun being alone. But even though people still long for someone to share their lives and selves with, they aren't sharing it with just one person.. Has Globalisation turned us all into zombies who crave quantity instead of quality? Is poligomy going to become the norm? I ask this because I have met probably 10 people in the last year who actually want a proper relationship that will end in marriage. 10. When did true love fall out of fashion? Since when was marriage a luxury? I seem to have a lot of questions but not a lot of answers.

We can look at ourselves first to blame. Our past relationships, current and what we want for our future. Let me tell you. You probably aren't having the same visions for your future as I am..

Look at what you want in your relationships right now. If you had a boyfriend or if you're in a relationship, whats one of the top priorities you hold.

Let me guess..

Freedom. Right?

Since when did a relationship become a trap that you need freeing from? In the past when people got into a relationship, they did nearly everything together. 'We' was really 'WE'. You thought about them before you thought about yourself. You WANTED to be with them all the time. Relationships, essentially are training for marriage! After all, why would you want to waste time with someone you don't want to spend the rest of your life with? You're testing out whether you could wake up next to this person on Sunday and just have a cuddle. You want to know if they'll be there when you're sick, or lonely, or in trouble. Call me old fashioned. But I want my future relationships to reflect the past. There is nothing wrong with being interdependant.

Countless times the word 'dependant' has been used to discribe being weak. But really, being dependant on someone shows that you are able to admit you need help. It isn't weak, or pitiful or babyish. Its called being human. Being able to have someone to lean on and be there for someone to lean on is what makes us different from the animals. We have the full ability to communicate, so why have our interdependnce and communication skills deteriorated? The most intellegent mammels are the ones that are able to work as a team. So we seem to be DEevolving.

Its said that being independant will set you free and make you happy.

If this is so true then why are so many people suffering from depression.

Why do people have so many issues with parents not being there. "Daddy left", "Mummy ignores me". Well that is called being dependant. You need to have a good safety net to lean on when you're growing up so you don't end up in therapy once a week speaking to someone you don't know about why your mother likes the gardener better than you.

Its the same when you grow up. You probably want kids one day. What are you going to teach them? Are you going to let them bring themselves up? Or show them that its okay to lean on you.

Maybe its just me. Maybe I like being needed. Maybe its my way of showing the one I care about how much I love them and how much I think they're worth.

That makes it a pity to see that people don't value love anymore.

Friday, February 13, 2009

How to: Hair style!

This fine and fresh morning feels like a new start. My cold/flu is finally clearing up and I have new furniture in my room. Its such a great feeling!!!

So today I think I'll talk about one of my favorite things to do! Hair! I cant get enough of it. Back when my photography was a big focus, I spent a lot of time practising hairstyles and makeup to use in shoots. I became quite good too! It was all a matter of knowing where to tease and where to smooth.

Today I will teach you how to do this:

This is a shoot I did with my old housemate last year. The hair is hers + extensions. So before you get angry and say "well I don't have enough hair for that!" remember most of it is not hers.
This is a show piece. Though it is fine for everyday wear and you'll get a lot of comments.

Before you start thinking it is a before work, 15 min jobbie remember, it has a lot of product to go into it and it takes a little while to do. You'll need at least an hour to start with. Its worth it though.

You will need:

♥ Hairspray

♥ Clip in Hair extensions (real hair only) or long hair. This Style is done to make hair look super thick.

♥ About 10 Bobby Pins and a Strong (large) hair clip

♥ A fine tooth comb

♥ Curler and Straightener

♥ Patience and try leave your ego at the door.

♥ Clean hair. Not freshly washed though.

Step one!

The extensions should be curled beforehand. Hang them up and curl them with big loose curls, then spray them with hairspray and break the curls up with your fingers so they look natural.

Step 2

Curl the entire lower back part of your hair. Tie the rest of it into a ponytail on top of your head for later and spray and break the curls on your head. Put the extensions in and blend them in with your own hair.

(If you're using your own hair just curl the entire lower back part of your hair. Turn head upside down and spray and scrunch with your fingers for volume)

Step 3

Section the top pony tail into 3 separate sections and straighten the fringe with a slight curl so it sits slightly like a quiff, then spray and smooth with your hands. Pin out of the way. The bits on the sides should be curled too.

Step 4

On the second section of hair, pull up the first row of hair, keep it about a cm wide and straighten. Tease the rest of the hair with a fine tooth comb until its a small bundle and spray it. Pull the straightened part over the top, keeping it smooth and fold the end into the teased part and pin.

Step 5

On the third section of hair repeat step four leaving the end of the straightened hair out when pinning. Pin securely and spray the quiff, smooth with hands and curl the ends left out.

Step 6

The side bits of hair will still be left down at this point, straighten them and pull them back into where the third quiff is pinned and pin them with the large hair clip, curling the ends and spraying the sides remembering to smooth them.

Step 7

Clip a flower into the back. Any flower is fine.

Voila! There you have it!

Enjoy ladies!


Thursday, February 12, 2009


It feels like I'm back where I started. Sick. I remember first moving to Melbourne. I got the flu so bad I couldn't leave my friends couch for 4 days. Now I'm back in bed, sick as a dog. Box of tissues next to me. Mister being my nursemaid and Penny following him like his little assistant. Maybe I just wore myself out. I don't know. I went and got some reflexology then wore high heels straight after. That could be it too.

Either way. I am so so tired.

We all get worn out sometimes. And it makes us stop to think, what are we doing? What has my lifestyle become that I am so tired?

I am a strong believer in treating your body right. After all what would we be without it? I have scraped myself off my bed to write you lovely ladies some remedies to keep yourself from getting like this, or if you're already in this poor a state. *blows nose* Enjoy.

☆ Doctor

We aren't men. We visit our doctors loudly and proudly. Book a consult with a GP today. Or you could try a natropath for natural approach.

☆ Massage, Acupuncture, Cupping etc

They have them everywhere. On the go massage parlors. They're great! Stop by on your lunch break and get a 15 min massage with your smoothie. Its bliss to be able to take some time out of a frustrating busy day to gather your thoughts and get a back rub to the sound of water trickling and birds in a rain forest.

☆ Aromatherapy

Just drop in to a candle store and pick up a delicious smelling one. Make sure you spend a bit extra, the cheap ones don't emit nearly enough smell to relax your frazzled nerves. I love anything caramel or lily scented. Light a candle, pop in your headphones with your most relaxing play list and run yourself a nice bath. You could go one extra and add some smelly delights to it too! Rose petals, chamomile tea bags, maybe your boyfriend can join you?

☆ Jog, Gym, Vigorous Make-out Sessions any of these work!

I usually loathe physical exercise. But my housemate has gotten me into going to the gym. After 15 mins on the treadmill at speed number 13 or whatever, I start to feel it! The 'rush' all those gym-junkies talk about. I felt alive! My blood was pumping! Wow what a rush!

REMEMBER: Wear the correct shoes, running shoes are made for running. I made a terrible mistake of wearing sneakers on a jog once and couldn't walk right for a week!

Clean up!

Mister got me onto this one and it really does work! He helped me clean my room the other day after my IKEA solo shop (hurts, I learnt to ALWAYS bring a man..) But a fresh pair of sheets, a sweep and a sort through old clothes can help refresh you.

☆ Sleep

Are you getting enough? Make sure you get at least 6 hours a night and have breakfast before you leave for work in the morning. A good snooze and brecky can have you bright eyed and bushy tailed for the day ahead. Instead of snacking on chips and Pepsi at work, swap it for fresh fruit and water. Add some lemon juice to your water for some extra cleansing power.

☆ Spend Saturday at home

Rent a few DVD's, pull up a duvet, grab the popcorn and loganberry juice! (stupid IKEA and their awesome juice..) Curl up with your bestie and just veg and relax. Buy some facepacks and put your feet in a tub of warm water. Why not pick a theme? Nothing better than a Marilyn Monroe Marathon and a good soak!

☆ Red wine and chocolate

Nuff said. Though there is such thing as 'too much of a good thing'. Don't become a drunk chocoholic...

☆ Yoga, Palliates and Tai-Chi

Wake up 15 minutes earlier and have a good stretch. Put on some relaxing music and greet the sun before you tuck into your fruit and yogurt!

☆ Avoid wheat and sugar!

Try this for up to a month, it'll let your body relax and recuperate after so much damage done by those two nasty foods. Drink unsweetened juices, opt for soy and gluten free foods.

☆ Don't worry, be happy!

Unless you are President Obama, you wont be making and honest to God life or death decisions. If you get super stressed at work, excuse yourself for 5 minuets and breathe. Drink a glass of water and sip it slowly, breathing in and out. Relax. You'll be okay.

After you do this return with a fresh mind and make better decisions. You cant rush some things. And we all know anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Breathe Easy Girls.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Short girls guide to kissing tall boys.

There is only so far you can bend your head back. Only so much your toes can stand being stood on. Kissing can get pretty tricky when the boy you're kissing is over a foot taller than you. As a short girl you may or may not face this on a regular basis. Mostly though when you fancy the taller gentlemen. Here are some tips to get by kissing them and when is the least uncomfortable times.

First date kiss goodnight
This is the kiss that will tell you whether or not you will bitch about this boy or go on about him like you kissed George Clooney. Its *usually* the last thing you do together on a first date. So how is it different with tall boys? First up, if getting the angles right on a first kiss isn't hard enough, be ready for toe crushing, neck breaking angles. Unless this boy can read your mind and knows he actually has to lift you up to kiss him, be ready to get your housemate to rub your neck afterwards. Try standing on the frame of the door, if you can pull him down a little by a tie or the neck of his shirt. Don't tug it. Just pull it so he knows to come down a little. Put your arms around his neck, or you could just whisper 'so tall!' and he'll get it.

Smaller girls are smaller everywhere, mouths included (most of the time). Tall boys may be used to kissing bigger girls. Forgive him ladies. He doesn't know any better. He may kiss you too 'big'. resulting in a wet face for you and a red face for him. Lead by example, keep your mouth closed and make your kisses small. Only open your mouth when you feel he understands how small you are. If he gets a little carried away, stop for air and start again. Making sure to start with small kisses.

Surprise Kiss

I use this one on Mister. Motion your finger like you want to tell him something and kiss him on the cheek. If he wants to come in for more he will. If not it'll at least make him blush and smile.

You could also use near-by objects to stand on to get more height behind you. But don't fall off.

Sitting/ lying down

These are the best positions for kissing tall boys. Puts them at your level. Mind you I have to stand even when my Kissee is sitting.

Put your arms over his shoulders, touch his cheeks softly, look in his eyes, touch noses and go in for the kiss gently. The thing about being small is you are 'delicate' you cant be a little canon ball when it comes to kissing. No ma'am. Teeth get broken that way. If you are rougher you might want to try dating short boys. Tall boys being bigger are not to be messed with. He could accidently hurt you. (This is not to say that short boys are weak, but taller boys tend not to know their own strength)

Hint hint

When you and your respectable tall fellow have called it and decided you're an item, you will obviously be kissing on a far more regular basis. Let him know quietly that you like it when he picks you up to kiss you, or that you like it how he has to bend down to kiss you (even though you're already on your toes). Communication is key, and kissing is no exception. As long as you know what each other likes and you're willing to meet half way, you'll be fine. For more fun ways to kiss go to how-to-kiss.com.

Other things with tall boys..
This you wont need a how-to for. You'll be able to work it out. Though I will say it does take time to work out how to get your head out of his chest. Look through the net, they have plenty of position suggestions that you could try out. You might not have the perfect face to face position yet. But you'll have a lot of fun finding it.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to get that job

Its the time of year where people look for fresh faces or maybe you just needed a change. Either way you're back on the market for a new job. Here is a quick step by step on how to get it.


Keep in mind that on paper is the first place you look good. So when writing up your CV check spelling and punctuation carefully. Make your point. Don't babble on about how you babysat for the president once. Your CV should be no more than 2 or 3 pages maximum and cut out any unnecessary or out of date items. Get a friend or relative to give it the once over too. They might find things you have missed or have ideas on how to spice it up.

When taking in a CV to the place of work, have it printed on plain white paper. Having it printed on rose scented pink recycled paper ala Legally Blonde might confuse the message you want to give. Which should be "I am a professional and the best person for this job".

If emailing your CV you should have the cover letter as the body of the email and your CV attached. REMEMBER TO ATTACH IT!! I cant count the number of jobs I've missed out on because I forgot to attach the most important part.

Cover Letter:

Your cover letter should state 3 things; what the job is (including where you saw it advertised and what date), your previous experience and why you think you'd be the best for the job. Remember, you are the best! If you 'umm' and 'err' yourself you wont be hired. People want to hire confident employees who can hold their own. Not who cant even ace the entry. Just remember to stay concise and to the point.

"The Call":

In the weeks after you've sent your CV out into the world of job vacancies try to answer your phone more professionally. If you have caller ID and you don't recognise the number, answer it as "Hello, blahblah speaking", rather then 'hi'. It may seem a little OCD to go this far but it really depends on the job you're going for. If you're going for an EA position at BHP you might wanna step it up a notch.

The Interview:

First of all, dressing for the interview should be the easy bit. Don't turn up in everyday wear. Not jeans and a brightly colored t shirt with Mickey mouse on, it wont get you anything but put in the loony bin. Dress like the job is already yours. If you're stuck for ideas remember this easy combination; white blouse + pencil skirt + black flats/heels. Throw in some nice simple jewelry, natural makeup and a neat ponytail or bun and voila! You got it! Remember you need to wear a blouse that covers your shoulders. Keep it conservative.

You should definitely *not* go drinking the night before. You want to look fresh faced and bubbly, ready for anything! Have a coffee before you go in, maybe go for a jog in the morning. Get that blood pumping!

During the interview remember to keep calm and collected. Your future boss might just throw you a curve ball and ask some pretty weird questions. Answer everything they ask as truthfully as possible. But keep in mind that you don't have to answer everything. If they ask you anything that makes you feel uncomfortable just let them know you aren't comfortable answering such a personal question. You don't have to be nasty about it, in fact they might like that you refused in such a polite manner! Remember to smile and try not to stutter or 'umm' anything. Go through all the questions you think they'll ask in your head beforehand and read your CV thoroughly as they may ask you to explain something from it. Remember to bring a spare copy of your CV to the interview. Just in case.

They usually ask this same question at every interview.. "Why should we give YOU the job?". The answer is simple. 'Because I believe I am the best candidate for the job and I have what it takes". Don't just say it either. Believe it! If you really want this job all that stands between you and getting it is Passion. I know I've gone into jobs knowing nothing about it and coming out better in 2 weeks than someone who's had 18 months training. Passion ladies!!

When leaving the interview, shake their hand and thank them for their time. It shows you know they're busy people and you know their time isn't worth wasting.

Happy hunting girls!