Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love means never giving up.

Dear world.

Here is a rant I need to get out of my system about "the spark".

What the hell is wrong with people? The next time I hear someone ruining a good relationship because a lack of "the spark" my head will fucking EXPLODE! I thought the spark was something you felt when you were 17.. I mean.. Think about it.. Back then if you had a spare $100 and you saw a TV on sale you would fucking buy it straight up.. Now days you think before you buy. Its the same with love.. You're all grown up now and you gotta weigh the pros and cons of a relationship before you jump into it, test it out, and get into it slowly.

If you like someone, you like them, you hang out with them, you want to know what they're doing and if they are wondering the same about you. Apparently though you need more. MORE?! More than being cared about? REALLY?! This "spark" bullshit is just a bunch of young adults with "Peter-Pan syndrome" who wont pull their heads out of their asses and see that love is about commitment and hard work.. If you want to fall in love that fast, then you don't fucking deserve to be in love. Love is worth the wait. You're never gonna get tingles and grins if you throw it at everyone you think you have a fucking "spark" with. Soon enough, "I love you" will have no meaning to you and you will end up empty and alone.

Think about the last impulse buy you got.. Do you even remember it? Sure, I bet you loved it at the start. But where is it now? Now think about the first love you had as a teenager. It was all shiny and new and pretty wasn't it. How long did it last huh? It was so easy then. But nothing good comes easy.

ANYTHING worth having, is worth fighting for.

So you "kids" can keep your fucking spark. I want an adult who knows what it means to put care and effort into something as special as being with someone.

You're worth the wait.



Anonymous said...

We totally agree! we are anonymous! But back you up in what your saying! Some people expect too much in a relationship! Others expect too little and get scared when feelings are thrown around! noone knows how long things take and for that exact reason it's too difficult to know if someone is willing to put in the hard yards or just expect to fall in your lap! Be patient young miss one day wether with or without a spark you will find someone!

Elise said...

hahaha you realise you posted only a few weeks ago about random hook ups and the old "pash and dash" etc. ? Dude you jump from one boy to the next more than anyone, hypocrite!!

Also come on, he just didnt like you. Thats all. No need for a slanderous internet rampage over a bruised ego.
Who is it that needs to grow up? hmm?

Celeste Von Messinger said...


This isn't about anyone in general hun, this is a general consensus about people in my life who whinge about not having a spark. There are so many of them its making me crazy!

I don't jump from boy to boy, just so you know. Its called dating. Watch sex and the city and maybe you'll see how its done when you're a grown up.

And yeah I posted about a pash and dash. Because girls need to know that they should be treated with respect, even on a one night stand.

I'm no hypocrite.

And who didn't like me? Once again, this isn't about anyone.

:) peace out lady.


Anonymous said...

Elise... or should i call you 'prude bitch'?

So, prude bitch, how are you? Feeling prudey?

Seriously, how limited is your perspective on life if you can write such a statement? AS IF you haven't done something similar to this before? Or should I assume that you live under a rock? Ok I will now assume that you live under a rock... is that cool with you? So, troglodyte prude bitch, maybe if you had lived a little and experienced what a lot of 'interesting people' have, then you could try and maybe... i dunno... sympathise?

In the meantime, please just shut up.

Rant over.

Elise said...

Oh come on now little ones, dont get so upset!
I was not at all being prude, only pointing out the hilarious contradictions. And, they ARE hilarious. Even more so now.

Who the hell are these girls you're guiding through life with these pearls of gold anyway? have they so completely lost their way that they need the writings of a wise young 21 year old to get them through the day? cant they buy dolly magazine?

genuinely interested.