Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Sooo.. It so happens that I am a hopeful on SuicideGirls.com... I think you should all Join and vote me in to being a real life Suicide Girl!

First up, for all you haters. There is nothing wrong with being naked. It is the way we were born and we should embrace what nature gave us. So if you wanna tell me that what I'm doing is wrong, you're wasting your time. For the lovers! You guys rock. I wouldn't be here it it weren't for you! This blog and its followers is what gave me courage to take it up a notch and join. Go check out my photos! I also have a personal blog on there, where you can read about what I get up to on a weekly basis. I write about boy troubles, car troubles, tattoo appts, music I love and sometimes have the odd bitch. I hope wait to see you guys there! Maybe we could even be friends and I could read about your day? I hope so!

For those who are unsure what Suicide Girls are, you really have to check out the site for yourself. Its an amazing collection of pin up girl photographs, where the girls are real and beautiful in their own way. What other people thought made us weird or fucked up, we think it makes us beautiful. Its a site where women can come together and express themselves, not only via their photos, but through their blogs and more. Suicide Girls is a community of men and women who appreciate the different and sometimes weird girls who differ greatly from the mainstream.

SO; I'm super excited. I shot my set about a month ago and its due to
go live in September. I will be doing a couple more shoots before then, so keep your eyes peeled! The photo above is part of it. So much fun shooting it! Though maple syrup is pretty sticky and hard to get off. But who could resist nude pancake breakfasts?

If you're interested, join up now! Even try out to become a SG! You never know.. Your cluster of random freckles or your bright orange mohawk might be what gets you there.

Here's my page anyway! And to join up, click the link in the side bar!

Love, peas and sexy naked ladies make the world go round!



Anonymous said...

you should post some nekkid ones!

Celeste Von Messinger said...

Thanks for the enthusiasm! Unfortunately I can't though. But become a member and you can see mine and many more! Peace baby! X

Anonymous said...

your photos are badly photoshoped! fire youre photographer